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VoIP Services

We’ll make sure your communication needs are met.

Carrier Services

We'll help you find the perfect match for your business.

Design Services

We can build the exact network your business needs.

Wireless Services

We’ll design a wireless system which fits your needs and budget.

VoIP Services

Whether you are looking for help with your voice and data systems, your infrastructure or connectivity, or your mobile/wireless Internet our team of certified communications experts can find the right solutions for you.

Increase Productivity

Improve Business Efficiencies

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Why Choose Us?

With our telecommunications and carrier services, you can easily keep costs in line and bring predictability to your communications spend. Whether you are looking for a new phone system, cabling & infrastructure, or wireless solutions, our team can provide the best service for your business with our BICSI certified RCDD engineers.

Entouch Communications is here to help you with your telecommunications needs, so you're able to:

Have you been struggling with your telecommunication services or cabling solutions?

We not only specialize in resolving these issues, but we can also help with your wireless infrastructure quickly and efficiently. We have 74 years of combined telecommunications experience. We started the business to provide clients with first-class telephone and Highspeed Cabling Service. Indiana area companies are quickly realizing the savings and speed which Entouch Communications’ carrier services, infrastructure design, and VoIP solutions provide.

Before you purchase anything, we consult with you to determine the ideal products and system for your operation. Our goal is to design a system that allows your employees to provide the best customer service at the best possible price. If you are a company in need of support in Indianapolis, or somewhere in Indiana Entouch Communications will provide you with the service you deserve.