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Telephone and Cabling Service in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Cloud Based PBX Systems and Services
Avoid the need for managing your own telephone system and investing in costly upgrades. With our Blended Hosted solution, we take care of everything you need for one low monthly price. We include around-the-clock monitoring and lifetime upgrades on the system and phones.

Dodge the Expensive System Bullet
Other phone systems come with a huge upfront bill. With Entouch Communications, you benefit from a low upfront cost and no ongoing commitments. Our customers have each saved thousands of dollars and you can, too.

The Entouch Communications Solution
Use our Hosted service for 30 days and, if you aren't 100% happy, we'll refund all your service and setup charges—no questions asked. There is absolutely no risk to start, so call us today.


RCDD / NTS Design

Why hire RCDD?
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Voice and Data Cabling Service with Panduit and Leviton
At Entouch we have on-staff RCDD (Bicsi Registered designers) ready to tackle any cabling projects you have. With our variety of cabling supplier/partners we can offer industry standard installations, extended and lifetime warranties. 

Manufacturer Partners:
  • Panduit
  • Leviton



Entouch Communications has the ability to Professionally design and install complex systems, from Category 5e, Category 6 and fiber optic connectivity. Our Systems are installed to last 15 to 20 years minimum and are backed by our Partner Manufacturers.

  • Entouch Communications is a Leviton Authorized Installer and a PANDUIT Certified Contractor
  • Entouch Communications and PANDUIT is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to meet customer electrical and networking needs. Contractors are critical business partners with in-depth experience and applied knowledge to optimally select, install and manage PANDUIT electrical and network solutions.
  • Whether upgrading a data center, installing a control panel or wire harness, or implementing maintenance and repair operations, PANDUIT solutions help contractors to achieve business goals efficiently, effectively, and economically.
  • As a global leader, PANDUIT is committed to providing a comprehensive set of solutions and thought leadership to help contractors run a better business, increase differentiation among competitors, and enhance their overall customer relevance. PANDUIT solutions are backed by unsurpassed quality and supported by unmatched service.
  • PANDUIT’s Partner Program , including education, certification, and sales force support, provides contractors comprehensive support and benefit. PANDUIT’s Partner Program includes a global network of Panduit Certified Installers (PCI), who can provide field tested deployment of structured cabling system infrastructures. PCI installations will ensure performance while passing through a lower cost of ownership and decreased risk to end customers with PANDUIT’s Certification PlusSM System Warranty. Click here to view Panduit warranty.
  • Authorized Leviton Voice and Data Division, NextLAN
  • Certified Installations performed by Entouch Communications Qualify for Levitons Lifetime Applications Assurance & Performances Warranty. Warranty Overview for US Contractor Program
  • Leviton Certified Cabling Systems Partner

Fiber Optics to your Building

Have multiple business that are geographical challenged? Tired of expensive point to point circuits that get bogged down or DSL service that crawls? Is the high cost of keeping your businesses connected making your CFO crazy?
We have a solution, Fiber Optics to Your Building. Its really not as expensive as you would think with our partners vast network of in place fiber we can deliver a solution that’s right for you!

Fiber Optic Solutions - For maximum versatility and durability, a fiber optic cabling solution can be implemented into your network. Fiber offers speed and reliability from the building entrance to the desktop, whether it is in the office or on the factory floor. Fiber cable also provides greater bandwidth and longer transmission distances while improving the overall efficiency of your network. A fiber optic solution in your building, campus environment or across town provides a secure link for your multiple application networks. Today's low-loss glass fiber optic cable offers almost unlimited bandwidth and unique advantages over all previously developed transmission media. Fiber optic transmission systems offer a wide range of benefits not offered by traditional copper wire or coaxial cable.
Whether you're looking for multimode or single mode fiber, Local or Enterprise connectivity, Entouch Communications has fiber solutions to meet the demands of small, medium and large size businesses. Call us at 317-238-3045 today and find out how in-expensive fiber really is. At Entouch we have fiber partners that can touch your business/’s where they are.

Data and Internet Services

Let Entouch Communications show you how your business can save money and increase internet speeds at the same time. With our partner companies this is reality, not just hype! 
Next-generation businesses don't need last generation's Internet. Whatever the size of your company, it needs to respond quickly to the needs of customers, communicate reliably with suppliers, and find smart ways to increase employee productivity.

Local and Long Distance Services
Your great at running your business, however your business may need assistance in designing a telecom network, selecting new phone equipment, sending out an RFP to select a vendor for new equipment, creating a Telecommunications Plan to address growth or changes in your business, or you may simply need some advice on navigating the confusing mazes of available services. Entouch Communications brings you professional consulting at no additional charge, that’s right, no additional charge to our existing or new customers. Entouch Communications with over thirty years of experience in telecommunications and information technology and on staff RCDD’s Entouch Communications is the right choice for your business!

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you suspect that you’re paying more than you should be for your phone and data services? Have the recent changes in the economy forced you to look for ways to cut back on spending? If you do cut back, how do you know that you’re not cutting essential services? If you have problems, will your consultant stick around to help correct them or are they just looking for a quick sale?
At Entouch Communications we are partners with you and care about your well being. We have saved some of our customers enough money to pay for their newly deserved phone system. Call us today and let us show you how much money we can save your business without sacrificing quality.

“Customer Satisfaction is Just a Ring Away”

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